Igniting giving through real estate. 

Become a Giver to activate your 25% token that's worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to a charity of your choice.


Supporting charities through real estate commissions.


How it Works

1. Register and choose your charity.

Become a Giver to support the charity of your choice and activate your 25% token for use on your real estate transaction or, if you're not buying or selling real estate right now, you can gift your token to someone you know. 

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2. Buy or sell a house with a Giving House agent.

Giving House agents are top performing agents who commit to donating 25% of their net commissions to local charities and embrace all of the Giving House core values. Additionally, Giving House agents are top performers who put customer needs first. 

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3. Your Giving House agent will donate 25% of their commission to a charity that you choose.

When you close on a home with a Giving House agent, 25% of their commission will be donated to the charity that you select after you register to become a Giver. 

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4. Invite others to join and more donations go to your charity.

You can support causes that you love even if you're not making a real estate move right now. When your friends register to become Givers and close on a real estate transactions with a Giving House agent, a donation of $500 will be made in your honor to the charity that you support in addition to a 25% donation to their charity of choice. 

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Featured Nonprofit

Murray Hill Theatre


On average, one transaction = $1,500 or more to a charity of your choice.


You'll make a difference and get excellent service.

Personalized real estate that meets your needs.

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The People Who make it work

A community of lifelong givers.

Giving House is designed to initiate a spirit of giving in a community of like-minded, generous people. 

The Giving House community is filled with people like you who want to make the world a better place through philanthropy, service, and teamwork. 

Become a Giver for exclusive access to life-changing stories, special events with our partner charities, and connections to other Givers. 

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