Doing good through real estate.

$1,500 or more to the City Rescue Mission when you buy or sell a home.


Over $6,400 donated this month.


We turn your Jacksonville real estate transaction into a big donation to a charity you love without charging you more.

How to Buy or Sell a Home in Jacksonville, FL through Giving House

  1. Schedule your free consultation with one of our Giving House Realtors in Jacksonville, FL.

  2. We’ll ask you to sign an agreement when we first start working together so that we can notify the charity that a big donation is on the way in your honor.

  3. Buy or sell a home in Jacksonville, FL or anywhere in Northeast Florida. Our top Jacksonville Realtors have higher close rates than most other Realtors in Northeast Florida and they go through extra training to ensure your complete satisfaction. We manage every step of the transaction process for you.

  4. Your Giving House Realtor will donate 25% of their commission to the charity.

  5. You make a lasting impact simply by buying or selling a home in Jacksonville, FL.

The best Jacksonville Beach realtors volunteering with Giving House.

Giving House real estate agents in Jacksonville donate an average of $1,500 or more.


Real estate as a platform for fundraising in Jacksonville, FL means everyone wins.

Charities, businesses, and people like you can have their needs met simultaneously and equally.

Giving House Realtors aim to lead the effort to change how you buy or sell a house in Jacksonville by meeting all of your Northeast Florida real estate needs and contributing thousands of dollars to charity. Click below to learn more about how and why we do what we do.

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Ryan Winter - Jacksonville Realtor & Nonprofit Leader

In the heart of Africa, a heart for charities grew. Ryan Winter is a Realtor in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Giving House. Long before selling houses, Ryan was mopping floors on a hospital ship in Monrovia, Liberia with an organization called Mercy Ships. Ryan started a nonprofit called Water for All Nations after seeing how poverty and poor access to basic life essentials can drastically impact societies. Starting a nonprofit was easier said than done. Radically changing how people in impoverished nations accessed clean water was even harder.

After three years of nonprofit leadership, Ryan put that dream aside to focus on things closer to home. His heart has remained connected to the needs of nonprofit leaders and the people they served. Ryan embraced a call to help nonprofits with fundraising. Giving House is the answer to that call.

Ryan Winter  Realtor & Giving House Founder in Jacksonville, FL