What We Do

Business & Charity Growth


Simply put, we create a win-win-win scenario for consumers, charities, and Realtors.

For People Buying or Selling a House

With changes in tax laws, growing competition for limited resources, and more distractions than ever before, fewer and fewer Americans are donating to charities, despite a strong desire to give to great causes. When someone buys or sells a house with a Giving House Realtor, they’ll be asked to choose a charity that they wish to support. Their Giving House Realtor will donate 25% of their commission at closing to that charity. The average donation is $1,500. Find a Giving House Realtor here.

For Realtors

Giving House Realtors are part of a national community of professionals who are committed to serving their customers well in business and working with their customers to support charities in big ways. Giving House facilitates this by providing turn-key online inbound marketing services, a unique selling proposition, story-based content, branding, integrated CRM, professional education, support, and more for a monthly fee that can be cancelled at any time. Our goal is to give Realtors the option of letting us do 99% of their marketing in a super-effective way so they can focus on serving customers. Giving House was designed by Realtors for Realtors to help them achieve more profit and build a truly remarkable business. Plus, we’re budget-friendly. Learn more here.

For Charities

Just about any charity can benefit from Giving House and it requires no immediate action on the charity’s part. Let’s say you’re working at the North Florida Humane Society. Someone who is working with a Giving House Realtor to buy or sell a home can select your charity as their intended recipient of a Giving House donation from their Realtor. That Realtor will donate 25% of their commission to your charity immediately after the closing of the real estate transaction. Depending on state regulations and broker rules, this usually happens as part of the transaction and a check is cut immediately at closing. Any charity can promote Giving House among their audience, so feel free to spread the word. We have some tools and resources that we can provide to help with that. You can contact us if you’re interested in that. Additionally, we have a core group of Partner Nonprofits. This group provides marketing content that we utilize to help spread messages of hope and joy through our network of Realtors. In exchange, we provide an exclusive marketing channel for free. Learn more here.


Our Story

The Charity Conundrum


Charities are designed to do good things, but to do good things, charities must raise funds. 

Most of us have hearts that desire to give to charities and causes that we believe in while we seek to do more beyond our own lives. There are thousands of charities in this world that need people like us to stay afloat and to implement good projects that make lasting impacts. Yet, there is a divide between people like us and charities. 

Charities need us to give and we want to give (or give more), but we don't because life tends to get in the way, so charities have to work harder to compel us to give. That's the charity conundrum. But there's a solution. Giving House bridges the divide between potential donors, like you and me, and charities enabling more giving without barriers. 

As a former nonprofit leader, I know how challenging it can be to raise money. I started a charity called Water for All Nations in 2011 that aimed to help people in places like Tanzania develop inexpensive clean water solutions.

I spent most of my time rallying support and raising money. I learned that fundraising takes away valuable time and energy that I wanted to spend on valuable programs and services.


It was heart-wrenching and confusing. The very thing that I set out to do could not be done. Lacking support and structure, I ultimately tabled the Water for All Nations idea. 

Today, I'm a Realtor with Keller Williams and I'm a giver. Frankly, sometimes giving is tough. Family life, work, personal budgets, and unexpected bills can make it impossible for folks like me to give with confidence.

I created Giving House to make it simple for potential givers to transition into actual givers with no limitations. 

By donating a significant portion of my commission to charities that my customers would like to help grow, my customers initiate the good that they long to do with no risk. Charities benefit by gaining new funds and, hopefully, new lifelong partners who will continually give to their causes. 

My hope is that the people I help through excellence in real estate can help the charities that they're passionate about grow to new heights in a win-win-win scenario.


Ryan Winter
Broker-Associate & Giving House Founder


Water for All Nations raised money and awareness in Jacksonville, FL and helped families in Tanzania drill shallow water wells using an innovative, inexpensive drilling technique. Here's an interesting article about Ryan and Water for All Nations