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Why should my nonprofit become a Giving House Partner Nonprofit?

How It Works

Giving House is free for our nonprofit partners. We partner with Realtors nationwide who have committed to focusing their marketing efforts on great causes instead of themselves. Those Realtors pay a monthly fee to call themselves a Giving House Realtor and leverage our marketing system and training. We position Giving House Realtors to separate themselves from their competition through caused-based marketing. Additionally, Giving House Realtors commit to donating up to 30% of their commissions to charities that their customers choose, a win-win-win scenario for everyone involved.

We collect marketing content from nonprofits and we share that content through our exclusive network of Realtors. Generally, smaller nonprofits do not have marketing teams or the capacity to provide enough marketing assets for us to effectively share their stories, so we focus on partnering with larger nonprofits that have a regional or national reach. However, any nonprofit can receive a donation from a Giving House Realtor. We do our best to facilitate that donation when it occurs upon closing of a transaction.

While we cannot require the customers of Giving House Realtors to designate any one nonprofit as the one that they wish for their Realtor to donate to upon closing of a real estate transaction, our partner charities often gain new supporters by leveraging the contacts of Giving House Realtors and often do receive up to 30% of Giving House Realtors’ commissions as a result of greater name recognition in the minds of their customers.

In summary, our partner nonprofits are guaranteed to gain a new, exclusive marketing channel for free. Our hope and goal is to position our partner nonprofits as excellent recipients for Giving House transaction-based donations and as worthy recipients of recurring monthly donations from the prospects of our Giving House Realtors.

A new way to do fundraising

Giving House is changing the way nonprofits raise funds and how donors donate to nonprofits that they love. When our founder started a nonprofit in 2011, he discovered quickly that raising funds and marketing often took priority over focusing on programs and clients for nonprofits. This was not ideal and its not ideal for any nonprofit. Our unique fundraising platform is a passive, risk-free, potentially extremely valuable fundraising tool for nonprofits that requires minimal investment of time and energy. By leveraging business transactions through independent contractors, like Realtors, Giving House promotes cause-related marketing in industries that often do not have the capacity to implement such efforts.

Giving House partner nonprofits can apply, get accepted, submit content and never speak to us again if they choose. However, our hope is that every Giving House partner nonprofit will stay active in the Giving House community and continue to supply content that helps us share their stories.

Free, Exclusive, Direct-Response Marketing

Finding the ideal donor can be expensive. Receptive, captive audiences are not found easily. Giving House takes the expense and hard work out of getting your message out to potential donors who are ready, willing, and able to support your cause. Each Giving House agent brings to the table hundreds of people with whom they have a personal relationship. Giving House shares your marketing content through our exclusive network of Realtors, leveraging real, warm connections that already exist.

Low Risk, High Reward

Giving House does not require much of our partner nonprofits. If accepted, we’ll ask you to provide the following:

  • Marketing content in the form of videos, high-resolution photos, text and boilerplate info about your charity, and anything you think we could use to help you share your story. We need at least enough content for one month of email and social media marketing.

  • Legal docs, such as our signed content release form, 501c3 determination letter, & W-9 form.

  • Great communication. We can’t serve your nonprofit well unless we can speak to you on the phone and via email with ease.

Step 1: Does your nonprofit qualify?

We are currently accepting nonprofit partners that meet the following qualifications:

  • Regional, national, or global reach. We’ve found that most smaller or local charities lack the bandwidth to provide consistent marketing content that we can share on their behalf.

  • A well-developed marketing team and consistently produced marketing content.

  • A track record of fiscal responsibility.

  • 501c3 determination letter from the IRS. Your organization must be a tax-deductible charity.

  • Be easy-going and generally accepted without second thoughts in the minds of most people. If your organization has ruffled feathers, upset large groups, or embraced a negative image for some time among anyone, our ability to enhance your organization’s fundraising efforts is dramatically limited and we likely will not be able to partner with you. Highly politically active groups are an example of what we are talking about here.

Step 2: Apply to become a partner nonprofit.

We’ll ask you to sign a release that allows to share images, videos, and stories about and from your nonprofit that you provide to us. We’ll add these things to your organization’s Giving Portal.

Some Important Notes

  • We’ll help you stay connected with people who wish to contribute to your organization. You can send them a thank you note!

  • We’ll reach out to registered Givers to learn more about what they are hoping to accomplish in real estate. Before we show them any houses or list their property, they will reaffirm that they wish for their Giving House donation to go to your specific organization. Once a Giver designates your charity as their charity of choice for their agent’s donation, they cannot designate another charity as long as they are still within their working relationship agreement with their Giving House agent (typically six months or until their transaction is complete).

  • Your organization will be required to provide a donation receipt to the Giving House realtor that made a transaction-based donation to your nonprofit within 30 days.


Know a Realtor who may be interested in supporting your nonprofit through Giving House?

Yes! They just need to become a real estate professional member by signing up here. They must become a member in order to utilize the Giving House™ system, which is so much more than simply making donations to charities. We'll coach them up on how to do it right without breaking any rules. We'll also give them marketing resources, tools, and valuable insight to help them grow their businesses and nonprofits like yours simultaneously.