Real estate done well for you that empowers you to do well for others.


1. Excellence in real estate first.


Logic causes people to think and emotions cause people to act. For most home sellers or buyers, there are a number of logic-based questions that are absolutely important. They seek to answer these questions, but, due to a ton of noise from the outside, they are swayed to make a real estate decisions based on emotions only...and that ultimately leads to uncertainty. 

What if there was a way to eliminate some uncertainty in the real estate process? 

By offering unparalleled communication and years of experience, Ryan Winter helps you make real estate choices that provide you with a sense of security.


Additionally, Ryan sells several houses each month and has a database of buyers who are actively looking for homes in Northeast Florida. By working with Ryan, you'll get a team of highly trained professionals backed by the largest residential real estate company on earth. And for buyers, Ryan's home search systems will keep you more informed and enable you to act fast when the right home presents itself. 

By working with Ryan and his team, you'll be empowered to make logical real estate decisions with confidence. 

“Ryan is a straight shooter when it comes to real estate. He is on your side from day one and really wants you to know what is going on in the process.”

— Adam T.

Customer in 2017. Lives in Jacksonville Beach.

Ryan will donate 25% of his commission to a charity of your choice at closing. Become a Giver to learn more about buying or selling a house with Ryan.


From families who are new to Jacksonville to young professionals who are moving from one side of town to the other, Ryan Winter and his team have a long tenure of happy customers. 

Thinking about selling your house? Here's some quick info. 

  • All of Ryan's listings have gone under contract and typically close within 35 days.

  • Ryan has sold everything from luxury homes priced at over $1 million to investment properties that require a quick turnaround.

  • On average, Ryan's listings go under contract within a few days because of his unique marketing strategy.

  • Ryan negotiates all offers personally.

  • Ryan has a no-obligation listing agreement. If you're ever dissatisfied with Ryan and his team, you can take your home off the market without any financial penalty.

Become a Giver to learn more about listing your house with Ryan and to designate the charity that you wish to support. 


2. Giving big.


You can be the catalyst that initiates a donation of thousands of dollars to a charity of your choice by working with Ryan and signing up to become a Giver.

Ryan will donate 25% of his commission to a charity of your choice when you close on a property as a Giver. 

Here's an example:

1. You sign up today to become a Giver. It's free. 

2. You instantly get a 25% token to use on your transaction or to give to a friend that represents the amount that Ryan will donate to a charity in your honor. You choose to donate to Pete's Animal Shelter. 

3. Let's say you need to sell a house and buy one this month. You sell first. Your home sells for about $250,000. After expenses, taxes, brokerage obligations, etc., Ryan is able to donate about $1,000 to Pete's Animal Shelter in your honor. 

4. Then, you buy a house for $250,000 with Ryan. Your 25% token instantly renews and additional $1,000 is donated to Pete's Animal Shelter in your honor. 


5. It gets better. Let's say your friend needs to buy a house this month, too. You tell your friend about, they register, and they get a 25% token. Once they close on a house, a donation of 25% of Ryan's commission will be made in their honor to a charity of their choice.

6. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The purpose of Giving House is to empower lifelong givers. You initiated a BIG donation by simply doing something that you would have done anyway. Now, keep on giving to that charity. The Giving House community will encourage you to continue to stay connected to charities and causes that you believe in so that we all help each other grow through goodwill. 

Giving starts with giving big and ends with lifelong giving through Giving House.


me in africa with kids.jpg

3. Empowering lifelong givers.


Giving House is a platform for the development of a cohort of Givers. One big donation that happens as a result of a transaction is certainly meaningful, but it's only a drop in the bucket. Charities need lifelong supports...people who will take a stand to do good forever. 

Giving House is designed to initiate a spirit of giving and provide resources to keep people motivated to keep on giving.

Giving House members will initiate massive donations to charities, but the real value of giving house comes from the community. Each Giver will have access to special events, volunteer functions, socials, online communication, collaboration with other members, and a whole host of ways to stay encouraged to keep on giving of their time, talents, and money for the long haul. 



You can make a huge impact with a charity that you love. Become a Giver to to buy or sell a house with Ryan Winter. Ryan will donate 25% of his commission to a charity that you choose.