Ryan's Mid-Transaction Emergency Management Plan (MTEMP)

So you’re in the middle of buying or selling a home and disaster strikes. Perhaps a hurricane just ripped the roof off of the home you want to purchase. Or maybe lightning struck the house you’re selling and your electric systems are fried. What will you do?

First, if you don’t work with me to help you buy or sell a house, none of what I am about to share with you will be very helpful. But if you do work with me, here’s how I can help you navigate disasters in the middle of your next real estate transaction...if they even happen.

1 - Contract Knowledge

If your Realtor doesn’t know the your purchase and sale agreement like the back of his or her hand, you need a new Realtor. Contracts are pretty much the only things that matter when it comes to real estate transactions.

Did you know that the contract that I use most often has specific language in it regarding what happens if and when disaster strikes during your transaction? Here it is:

2 - Experience

I’ve literally helped people buy and sell homes during all of the last hurricanes that have impacted Northeast Florida. Part of a roof came off of one house…we were still able to close. A tree went through another home…we were still able to close. A home flooded…we were still able to close.

3 - Resources

I have a network of inspectors, trade professionals, and people I trust after years of professional work who will all serve you well before, during, and after a disaster. It’s my job to point you in the right direction and manage vendors for you if and when disaster strikes during your next transaction.

You can buy or sell the house you intend to even if a hurricane, tornado, fire, swarm of bees, or other act of God throws a wrench in the plan. I can help you get through it with ease.

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Ryan Winter