Core Values


We are transparent. We do not have any hidden fees or do anything other than what we proclaim. Also, if we every miss the mark anything, we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.


Charities are the lifeblood of communities. We created Giving House to help charities grow in ways that do not require immense overhead expenses or off-brand tactics. Giving House helps charities grow while individuals can be personally responsible for huge donations to charities they care about without actually contributing any money toward that contribution. We donate to charities that seek to unite all for the good of all.

Respect for All

Most charities do wonderful things that empower others and dignify all life. Our Realtors are committed to donating to charities that uphold human life, the environment, and diversity in the highest esteem. We do not contribute funds to groups that condone hate or division. We also do not donate to charities that have been the source of division either politically or otherwise.