For Nonprofits

Start collecting Giving House donations for your nonprofit.

The average donation is $1,500 or more.


Step 1: Register to Claim Your Free Giving Portal

You’ll be asked to answer some simple questions about your nonprofit. We’ll create a Giving Portal that looks like this. It’s where you can direct people to become supporters of your organization through Giving House.

Step 2: Upload Content to Enhance Your Giving Portal

We’ll ask you to sign a release that allows to share images, videos, and stories about and from your nonprofit that you provide to us. We’ll add these things to your organization’s Giving Portal.

Step 3: Share Your Giving Portal with Your Supporters

Copy, paste, and share your Giving Portal link with people you know. We’ll provide marketing materials, such as social media posts and fliers, that you can share in whatever way that best fits your organization.

Some Important Notes

  • On average, one out of every three people who register will result in a one-time donation of $1,500 and the potential for your organization to convert potential supporters into recurring donors.

  • Once you register, we’ll give you the names and contact info of people who have registered as Givers for your organization. You can send them a thank you note!

  • We’ll reach out to registered Givers to learn more about what they are hoping to accomplish in real estate. Before we show them any houses or list their property, they will reaffirm that they wish for their Giving House donation to go to your organization.

  • We’ll need a W-9 form from your organization to give you a donation, which can be paid at closing once a Giver closes on their property. If a referral Giver is connected to your nonprofit, that payment will be made at closing, too.

 Tony Nasrallah of Murray Hill Theatre sharing about the Giving House program with an audience at a VIP event.

Tony Nasrallah of Murray Hill Theatre sharing about the Giving House program with an audience at a VIP event.

Can other real estate agents or real estate industry professionals participate in the Giving House program?

Yes! They just need to become a real estate professional member by contacting Ryan Winter. They must become a member in order to utilize the Giving House™ system, which is so much more than simply making donations to local charities. We'll coach them up on how to do it right without breaking any rules. We'll also give them marketing resources, tools, and valuable insight to help them grow their business and nonprofits like yours simultaneously.