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A New Way to Raise Money in Jacksonville

When There’s a Jacksonville House for Sale, Good Things Can Happen

Charities are designed to do good things. To do good things, charities must raise funds…and that’s usually not quick or easy.

Most individuals have hearts that desire to give to charities and causes that they believe in while they seek to do more beyond their own lives. There are thousands of charities in the world that need an army of givers to stay afloat and to implement good projects that make lasting impacts. When charities thrive, everyone thrives. Yet, there is a divide between givers and charities. 

Charities need individuals to give and most individuals desire to give (or give more), but people don't give because life tends to get in the way. It’s easy to forget about that fundraising dinner or touching online ad and then, before you know it, a potential donation never comes to fruition. Charities have to work harder to compel people to give and those charities end up spending huge amounts of time and resources just to raise more money. That's the charity conundrum and it just doesn’t seem right on many fronts. But there's a solution. Giving House bridges the divide between potential donors and charities, enabling more giving without barriers through real estate in Jacksonville, FL and beyond.

As a former nonprofit leader, Ryan Winter, the founder of Giving House, knew how challenging it was to raise money. In 2011 he started a charity called Water for All Nations that aimed to help people in places like Tanzania develop inexpensive clean water solutions. Water for All Nations raised money and awareness in Jacksonville, FL and helped families in Tanzania drill shallow water wells using an innovative, inexpensive drilling technique. Here's an interesting article about Ryan and Water for All Nations

Ryan spent most of his time while at Water for All Nations rallying support and raising money. He learned that fundraising takes away valuable time and energy that he needed to spend on programs and services.

It was a heart-wrenching and confusing experience. The very thing that he set out to do could not be done. Lacking support and structure, Ryan ultimately tabled the Water for All Nations idea. 

Today, Ryan is a real estate broker-associate and he’s a giver. Ryan created Giving House to make it simple for potential givers to transition into actual givers with no limitations. Our business model is simple: We will donate 25% of real estate commissions when someone buys or sells a house with a Giving House Realtor in Jacksonville or anywhere else.

By donating a significant portion of real estate commissions to charities when customers sell or buy homes for sale in Jacksonville, Ryan, other Giving House Realtors, and their customers initiate the good that they longed to do with no risk and no extra fees. Charities benefit by gaining new funds and, hopefully, new lifelong partners who will continually give to their causes and stay involved. We do our best to encourage that, too.

Ryan’s hope is that the people helped through excellence in real estate can help the charities that they're passionate about grow to new heights in a win-win-win scenario. Learn more about our business model here.